mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Sheer lover

Hat h&m - Dress Elitefashion99 - Gold bracelet, Necklace Oasap - Black bracelet Lookbook store Coat Fig&Viper - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Finally I'm back with a new outfit post! While I was abroad I got this fabulous sheer dress from Elitefashion99 (which is a really serious store, great communication and fast shipping!) and I was really happy when I came back home and saw how beautiful it is! I tried to make different pics to show you the dress, the mesh part is on the sleeves, the neck and the bottom, the final effect is really gorgeous, in my opinion you can use a dress like this both for elegant coords like mine, but also for more casual coords 'cause it's too cool to wear it only in one way! I paired it with some new and old gold accessories which makes the whole outfit less boring and classic, you know I'm totally not a "classic style" girl ahah! Of course let me know what do you think about the coord and the dress! If you like it don't miss the chance to get it here 'cause the price is really cheap compared to the great quality piece you'll receive!

domenica 25 gennaio 2015

Day 3 part I : Shinjuku overload (Studio Alta and Maidreamin)

 Hi cuties! I would like to apologize for not posting about my Tokyo trip before, I was always really tired when I was there and now that I come back to Italy I'm trying to recover the energy and organize my time, I have so many new posts to share with you, new reviews and tons of new outfit ideas in my mind that I don't know how to start ahah. This post will be the first part about my third day, I did so many great things and took so many pics that one post isn't enough!

Our first destination was the Studio Alta in Shinjuku, if you don't know it's a mall with tons of gyaru and inspired gyaru shops, my hotel was in a nearby district so we decided to go there on foot. Some stores sadly closed from my last trip (like Glavil, so sad!) but there were a lot of new shops and the last floor become a big comic shop with tons of manga, gadgets and cds! I finally found the single of the last series of Fate Stay Night **.

You can find delicious and lovely sweets at the lower floor of the mall! Too much cuteness for my heart ahahah. 

Swimmer always has the best cute items ever!

 I was really curious to try these cirle lenses but they don't have prescription :( so sad!

A store that sells various brands for example Ghost of Harlem!

Fernopaa store is always the best! I didn't find something to buy this time, but everything is always so edgy and cool, I love how all the shop is decorated! Beside Fernopaa you can find Algonquins, that didn't have any shop inside this mall in my first trip!

Love Live is so popular you can find tons of gadgets everywhere! I didn't get a lot of things 'cause I noticed Nozomi (my favorite pg) is really popular in Japan and eveyrthing with her is sold out XD what a luck. Other series that seems really popular in this moment are Free, Durarara and Kamigami no Asobi. I wished that Fate Stay Night would be more popular with the last season but it was really hard to find cool things of it :(.

After some purikura we went to eat, we don't know where to go so when I saw the Maidreamin I totally forced my boyfriend to went there ahahah because in my first travel we didn't go to a maid cafè. The local is really cute and simple and staff really friendly, of course pics are not allowed but I'm so bully I took them anyway lol. The food was cute and delicious, I didn't expect it! I also posted a pic of their "menu" so you can see how much it costs. We both chose the first option and after the lunch we made some pic with the maids!

My boyfriend will hate me forever for this 8).

It's all for the first part of this post! Let me know as always what do you think about it! I promise I'll do my best to post as fast as I can ahah!