venerdì 2 dicembre 2016


Hat River Island - Hoodie/Dress SheIn - Necklace ShopDixi - Shoes Yru

It's always a rare moment when I don't wear black :P but at least my color palette is always really "dark", today I'm wearing this amazing super big hooded sweatshirt in dark green, it's such a shame it's not available in black too because it's such a nice piece for winter! The texture is really soft and incredibly warm, I never had a piece in my closet so perfect for the cold season and the best thing is you can't totally say it while seeing it :D it looks like a dress apt for autumn but it's all covered in pile inside! It's a really sporty piece so I coordinate it with my favorite beanie and my super comfy Yru sneakers, let me know if you like this kind of hooded sweatshirt and the outfit!

mercoledì 30 novembre 2016

Pale pink

Hat Romwe - Choker Zaful - Dress Zaful - Rings Bornprettystore - Shoes Quanticlo - Wig Donalovehair (discount code: vanilla)

Really fancy look this time perfect for an elegant or special occasion, my life is currently really boring and I haven't many chance to wear fancy clothes like this, but it's always great to have the opportunity to create so many different looks :D one of the coolest thing of the blogging activity for me is this, creating and experiencing different styles, colors, shapes, even the ones I hadn't the courage to try before! This dress is really pretty, I really like the contrast between the pale pink part and the black laces, I also tried to add a lot of different materials, like velvet for the choker, the patent leather for the bag, suede for the shoes, this is a really simple way to create something not boring with just one color! (I look so basic with super soft makeup and without fake lashes ahahah definetely not for me XD but the quality of these Zoeva eyeshadows is amazing!)