martedì 30 settembre 2014


Hat, dress h&m - Necklace Sammydress - Tights Tally Wejil - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

Finally I had the time to dye my extensions like my hair, the result is great for me even if my hair looks more blueish in the photos , but nothing you can really notice in real life. I miss so much my long hair and I hope to get them back in a few years, I'll do my best to not cut them every month like I did in the last two years ahah. The dress is a new purchase I bought some weeks ago at h&m, there are so many lovely lace dresses lately it was really hard to pick only one but this is totally amazing, I'm in love with it! There are too many things I would like to buy in local stores (like an amazing biker jacket from Zara that was to die for) but I have to save money for my next trip, as I already said in other accounts I'll be in Tokyo again in January, I can't wait!

domenica 28 settembre 2014

Review: Dolly Eye Puffy 3 tones green

Second review for Uniqso as I said in the previous post! This time I chose Dolly Eye Puffy 3 tones green, 'cause I wanted a natural green pair to wear daily without looking too fake, it was the first time I tried this model and I was really curious to see how it suits me!

Base Curve     8.6mm
Color Tones     3 Tones
Diameter     14.5mm
Processing Time     2-3 working days
Replacement Period     12 months
Water Content     38%

The color is a cute and special green tone with some yellow near the pupil, they suit really well my natural brown eyes thanks to the yellow part that blends nicely! The diameter is not really big but the final effect is really similar to bigger lenses, totally amazing! The design is really simple and natural, perfect for a natural make up and to wear them daily without looking too fake, they're also really comfy, I wore them for 8 hours and I hadn't problems. They come with prescription of course!

Color ★★★★ great color that blends really well dark eyes
Design ★★★★ nice and simple design
Enlargement ★★★★ great enlargement effect
Comfort ★★★★ really comfy

- great design and color
- perfect for a daily look
- nice enlargement effect
- really comfy
- non apt for a cosplay

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